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The world could use a little more positivity, as I am extremely tired of only hearing the worst possible things. Like here on Foo? It’s been more negative than usual in the last week it seems like. And I know we can all be better than that and be kind to everyone, no matter their view/opinion on something. I really do think it’d be in everyone’s best interest to be a little more positive and a little less negative. Like who cares about the drama? This is a pet site…we don’t need extra stress from it, do we? Instead of spreading rumors, drama, whatever other junk that happens why can’t we spread a little more love and joy? Isn’t that what we as people are meant to do? We are meant to love our neighbor, to be kind, to love all. So this thread’s purpose is to spread a little bit of joy (and no, the first part of this thread isn’t supposed to make drama; it’s just simply my perspective).

So please post for some kind of nice act towards yourself from me. Do you want a compliment? I’ll give you one. Do you need some kind of item in the FooMart but can’t afford it? I can help you with that too. Do you want some kind of positive quote? I can give you that as well.

The goal of this thread is to just make everyone smile and feel good. I know I’ve done a few threads like this, but I do think it’s time for another. I am sorry for not being too active really anywhere anymore (or not answering messages as quick as I used to)…I am just trying to soak up the summer break honestly, and just being free? I guess LOL. So yeah anyways, just post for something! You can be as specific as you want for what you’d like me to do for you. (:


Yes Western!! ❤ Thank you for continuing thedoggo’s message ;)


thank u for the positivity western <3 <3 <3


Yes! Love you, Western 💗


Elle: I just feel like it is honestly needed, as negative energy effects everyone and I am really tired of only ever seeing negativity. But of course LOL, I never actually interacted with “thedoggo” but I am glad to continue the message ❤

Dollboy: ❤❤❤

Sandy: Love you too!! ❤