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can't use the play page?


i keep trying to go to play with my pets, but nothing but a still image of the foopets husky standing in the play screen shows up. i’ve tried refreshing, updating flash, everything, but nothing’s working.

i’m on google chrome if that matters!


Look at the top left of your browser bar. Click on the circled i A drop down box will open then look where it says ,“flash” to the right you will see where it says,“allow” click on that. Another drop box will open and click on where it says allow, click on allow and NOT defaut. Then click on the little i with the circle around it again. another drop box will drop down. Click on the box that says reload. You will have to do this each time Chrome updates.


I have the same problem and I came back after a long absence. I allowed flash but
""Click on the box that says reload."" doesn’t exist! What do I do?


Try reloading the usual way.

I’ve been having intermittent problems with the play page myself. The only browsers that work for me are IE and Firefox. Opera is supposed to work but it never has – it just shows the adoption page. Currently the Firefox page isn’t working either, so I’m reduced to IE. If that hoses, I’m stuck. No spinner, no tending friends’ Foos, no making new scenes, no photos, as IE is the only one that has photos and making new scenes working.

Despite the fact that Tor is based on the Firefox search engine, Tor explicitly says they don’t do Flash, so I didn’t even try it there. Tor is a very private browser. IE and Edge are still the top browsers for downloading other browsers.