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Just expressing thought and worries FP

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Read somewhere around here that there is no more support or that Dr Ron, does not even give foopets a second glance, look,chance anymore. Can’t foopets be sold then to investors people who are truly interested to keep this alive and make this work again?

Also flash is ending support end of this year? What then or or foopets closing down for good then?

I paid till april 2021…no worries there but I guess I just lost that money then?

Going to regret and miss this enormously, just returned again due to corona, a lot more time to play…
Pity to see this slowly dying…

The animals we are attached to do not derserve this….pixels or not!

Just to be so much fun….as long as you behaved everything was allowed or as good as….


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This game was my life as a kid. Very very sad to see it go so downhill and eventually fade away.

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i agree, foopets should try to be bought by an investor who wants to restore the greatness of the site. i remember how active it was back in 2009-2012 and i would absolutely love to see that again.

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I was just thinking this earlier! I personally would love to be an investor but wouldn’t and couldn’t afford to do this alone. Maybe a Patreon fundraiser would work out? Promise investors benefits for their time and money.