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So what has happened in the last 9 years


Hey! I am hoping I can get some help.

In 2011 I got an email and was informed that I was no longer allowed to access my account without paying for it. I was destroyed. I was a younger kid and had spent countless hours working very hard on my pets, and getting things that were hard to get. And I was locked out of all of it. Today, curious, I came back…only to find that I can log it. Im so confused? Did they retract the pay to play system? If so, why wasnt I informed through email?

Lastly I enable flash, but it seems I am getting the “mad kitty” error on a few pages, as well as on my pet page, not having access to my list of pets (it seems to load and load and load) I can only play with one of my cats, and cant see the rest. I cant access my profile either.

What should I do, I cant even sent in reports, because again I get the mad kitty page.

Thanks for any help! And information on what the heck has transpired in the last 9 years haha (I see the website changed hands)


Same here, renewed my membership club foo, but nothing works. Can’t play with any of my pets….if i press play, all that happens is that I return to the adoption page and the dog there, does not even move. I can instacare my pets, but that’s it.

Just trown away 44 dollars and nobody from the admins, seem to react to anything you write. Get help enough from the nice people around here, but nothing they say, seems to work

I play from Belgium on computer and I have all the possible browsers you can imagine , but zipp and even partner is technician but even he is puzzeled so bit desperate and maybe I have to live with the fact that i payed 44 dollars for nothing

Thans so much Foopets for just taking my money for nothing in return! (sigh)
Used to be so fun around here :(

Useful 10

If you use Chrome, look at the top left of your browser bar. Click on the circled i A drop down box will open then look where it says ,“flash” to the right you will see where it says,“allow” click on that. Another drop box will open and click on where it says allow, click on allow and NOT defaut. Then click on the little i with the circle around it again. another drop box will drop down. Click on the box that says reload. You will have to do this each time Chrome updates.

Members that had previous memberships no longer have to pay BUT free accounts have limitations. You can not sell anything.


Thank you….that works….happy again