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Needing help with account


I used to play back in ‘09 through the facebook app. I never got the chance to throw in an email to turn my account into a proper one, I was just a little kid and didn’t know how emails worked.

Now heres my dilemma; I cant access my old acc through fb. But I know my old acc, I can see it still up, I can accesa its public photos, I can buy some of the dogs and already actually have. I tried to see if I could throw in my old childhood email in forgot password and didn’t expect much, but saw something pop up say I have multiple accounts.

This doesnt surprise me, I had two accounts as a child and if my facebook acc somehow linked to my email, there’d be two registered to it.

The forgot password then tells me to put my username instead. I put my username, it tells me I have to put in an email. None of my old passwords work.

I can’t find foopets support because I guess the staff is being more shady then usual and ditched out on everyone and left us all to bash each others heads in purge style or somethin’. Anyone got a clue about what I can do in this situation? I remember contacting support when I was 13 about accessing an old fb account and they basically sat on their hands and said nada in their reply email, so I’m deeming it a lost cause to try support anyway.

I grew emotionally attached to those pets as a small 7 year old and I’m still feeling rather fond over all of them, but I cant get them all back yet, not even if I sold al, the pets on this account, especially since some of my favourites arent up for sale on my old acc. Is this just a lost cause?

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If you haven’t been on the account since the Facebook days, your account wouldn’t have any pets, star points, fds etc because back then if you didn’t care for your pets, they were sent to the AC and your account stripped.
So if you’re saying there are pets up for sale on your old account, either you or someone else has had access to the account in the last couple years because the way you sell pets has changed a couple times. Unless you mean the pets are in the AC, in which case I would just adopt them to your new account.

Unfortunately changing your password won’t work as the foo emails are broken, and there is no admin support. The Ambassadors still do their thing but they don’t have access to this sort of stuff. So if you can’t remember the email and password, there’s no way of getting back in.


Theyre not in AC, no ones been on that acc in over 5 years, but I can go to the profile and view it like I can view any other player, and everythings the same as it was when I left it, aside from the pets being for sale. I’m assuming its just the one that slipped through the cracks during all updates.

So if the admins have left it to the ambassadors and they have no way of account info accessing, then essentially its impossible to get back on it?


5 years is different to facebook days :‘) FB days were like 11 years, so that makes more sense that there’s still pets.
But yes unfortunately it’s impossible unless you somehow remember the email and password.


Holy cow, 11 years? Im older than i thought.

The problem is that I think I do know the email and password, but the forgotten password stuff tells me I have to use my username for forgotten passwords, then it doesnt recognise it?


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