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Mad Kitty Error? Help?


I have not been on here in so long, but I’ve popped in to check up on all of my pets and I get an error every time I go to my profile:

Mad Kitty
Server Error

Sorry, but something about your request has triggered an error on FooPets. If you continue to see this page, please send us more information so we can figure out the problem.

I have flash allowed on the website and whatnot, but it won’t load my babies.


If you use Chrome, look at the top left of your browser bar. Click on the circled i A drop down box will open then look where it says ,“flash” to the right you will see where it says,“allow” click on that. Another drop box will open and click on where it says allow, click on allow and NOT defaut. Then click on the little i with the circle around it again. another drop box will drop down. Click on the box that says reload. You will have to do this each time Chrome updates.