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Hello everyone,

With the corona virus going around, many of us, around the world, are stuck in our homes. I have been in my home for a week now. With weeks to probably go..SOOO

In light of this I am having a story contest.
Give my a story on how you are coping with this, or how you will cope.
Remember this, we are all in this together and we will get through this dark time together.
If you have fears, talk to people about it. It will help.
Yes, I will give a prezzie as well.
I think I will keep this open for several weeks so you all have a place to come to to talk about this issue.
So, get your writing hats on…

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My care home is in lockdown as a precaution.
Yesterday I had a major breakdown but took the very important and difficult step of getting help before it escalated too far. It took most of the day to get out of it but I finally budged it by looking back through my photos and finding a picture of my visit and keeper shadowing experience at the local zoo I had for my birthday last year.
A month before my birthday mum took me to the zoo and we both were guided down to the African enclosure where we came face to face with Otto, their superb male white rhino. He was a truly gentle giant and, though this may sound silly, he was really just a big dog. He looks tough but is really very soppy and loves attention. He didn’t need encouraging over once he saw us there at the bars, he came straight over for fuss.
We rubbed and petted him through the bars and I was even allowed to stick my head through to get a really close look. Things got even better when the other rhinos and the giraffes noticed what was happening and all came down to get their share of attention. Even the calf came bounding down to have some stroking.
All round an absolutely amazing experience and reliving it helped me so much, and still is as I am now planning to save up to revisit him again this year, specifically requesting I see him if I can. He has a new calf with one of the females and I look forward to seeing them too.
The planning really gives me hope and something to look forward to.


in times of uncertainty, the best way for me to cope is to follow a schedule. it keeps me motivated and productive, instead of getting lost in the black hole of social media for hours at a time.

i start my morning with an early 7 AM wake up. i give myself time to wake up, make my bed, eat breakfast, and get changed. i have a list of books i want to read during quarantine so i read a chapter or two before starting my school work.

i am a senior in college and my classes were converted online for the remainder of the semester. i dedicate the rest of the morning to catching up on class work to finish my last few weeks of undergrad on a strong note.

i’ll take a break for lunch before spending time outside, if the weather permits. usually, i’ll spend this time reading or going for a walk with my dog. by the mid afternoon, i turn to exercise. if i am going to be stuck inside, i have a lot of time to work on keeping myself in shape.

i’ll take a shower, then work on being productive by cleaning out different parts of the house or organizing my room. even though there isn’t much to plan for, i find a lot of relaxation in bullet journaling.

i’ve been working on a few puzzles after dinner to unwind at night. netflix has also been a friend of mine during this quarantine.

keeping a positive mindset during this time can be difficult. finding little things to accomplish every day like finishing a good book, completing a school assignment, or even finding a puzzle piece that you swore was missing can help keep your spirits high. dedicating time to do something for your body, mind, and soul is a good way to fill your day and keep your spirits high. ♡ we’ll get through this together!


Removing the trolls name by posting here.


I am coping by any means necessary. I have grown alot since starting on this site as a 13 year old. I am now 23(i used to go by the username Mr Tony2you). I become a hair stylist and my career finally took off with fulltime at work and a nice clientele. Now i am laid off and applied at a grocery store. Its hard because i have to change my image to conform to my new jobs conservative ideas. I have to go from being myself to being “professional”. I have to still put food on the table so im doing whatever i can. On the brightside my health is good. I am having precautions everyday. I hope all of you are also staying healthy. Ive also started a youtube page with hair tutorials, so if anyone needs help dying they’re roots or cutting theyre own hair in these trying times message me and i can give some suggestions.


We need more stories please. :) Let me know how you are coping…


my covid-19 experience

i will begin by saying that 2019 was the best year of my entire life. i had just gotten out of an abusive relationship in late 2018 and found myself again, i had found a supportive friend group, was going to all the concerts and hockey games possible, was going down the shore with my best friend very often, and even found a new relationship that has been the healthiest and most amazing experience of my life. at the end of 2019, i had such high hopes for 2020. i was picturing all these amazing things that would happen, such as going to my senior prom, graduating from high school, going down the shore for senior week with my best friends, going to all these concerts, seeing my favorite hockey team do well consistently for the first time in years, spending time with my incredible boyfriend… the list goes on. the first 2.5 months of 2020 were amazing, as it was full of time spent with my loved ones. then march 13, 2020 came.

in school, it was announced that we were going to be out of the building for 2 weeks in order for the school to be cleaned and for us to be away from each other to slow the spread. little did we know, we would never come back to school. my senior year was cut short 3 months early, leaving graduation and prom up in the air, and leaving my class wondering if these events would even happen. a month or so later, we were told that graduation would be online through a pre-recorded video, and prom was not going to be held until at least july or august. yes, these are first world problems, but my entire universe was flipped upside down. during all of this, we had a class of 2020 classmate pass away from a sudden illness and another student lost their father in an accident. our class has been through so much more than we ever thought we could handle, all in a span of a little over 2 months.

because i have a bad anxiety disorder and i can easily spiral into a deep, dark pit when things go wrong, i needed to find a coping mechanism and i needed to find one fast. luckily, being stuck inside with nowhere to go ended up being not as horrible as i thought. almost every night since march 13, i have been group facetiming all of my friends and playing online games with them such as club penguin and toontown, and even playing on foopets with them. my best friend of all time, user everythingintransit, has proven to be such an amazing person by being there for me through all of this. our almost daily facetime calls, long nights of driving around and blasting music, and our endless funny conversations have truly been the highlight of my whole year despite it being such a dark time. she has been my rock and i appreciate her more than she knows. she might see this, so hello gabby!

all in all, my senior year being ripped away from me and any semblance of normal life being thrown out the window has taken its toll on me greatly, but if it weren’t for my best friend, boyfriend, and the rest of my buddies, i would not be anywhere near as happy as i am today. they have gotten me through one of the toughest times of my short 18 year life, and i could not thank them enough.


I’m already housebound for the most part. The only thing that has changed is that my doctor’s visit was done over the phone. Pity, as that was the only time I got out, and afterward we went to a great restaurant across the parking lot for a late lunch. Maybe my hubby can get me some takeout tomorrow from them. I always get their poutine, a Cubano sandwich, and beignets for dessert. That and our monthly dinners here at The Farm are on hold until the pandemic eases, So, I’m not very stressed.

I do feel guilty. I feel like I should be out there doing something to help during this pandemic. Hubby and Dad remind me that I shouldn’t feel guilty and I’m not able to do anything now. Dad also points out that I worked like a dog when I was healthy and risked my health in a number of situations. It’s not the same, though. I wish I could help. I guess the best I can do now is stay in and make sure I don’t spread the virus (by not catching it in the first place) and keep in mind I’m in a higher risk group.

I still feel guilty.

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hemlo i am jus happy all my fwiends are home now to luv me & pet me butt i do hope the world gets better it needs more luv woof woof ૮ ・ﻌ・ა


Oh man has covid been a terrible experience. I originally was working with kids when it all started as a before and after care staff. Ended up taking a job as a medical screener before we all were in lock down. Two days after I left my childcare job, all the schools were shut down and very strict restrictions were placed in my state. My new workplace was learning how to conduct their business while training three people(in my area). It was nuts! As I learned that my homestate was shutdown completely, I came to the realization I wouldn’t be able to visit my parents. I had the feeling I was trapped with only one person(boyfriend) in a state fairly new to me, and my mental state unraveled quicker than anything ever before. I had near daily breakdowns, and I was calling my mother sometimes multiple times a day. This took a pretty harsh toll on my relationship, and as of now he is unsure we have a future.
Which only worsened my health, to the point I was having anxiety attacks on my way home from work. The only time I felt like I was myself was at work, until I finally could go home to see my parents. I feel things have slowly started to improve, but I’m fully expecting that things will become worse before they get better.

Trying to stay positive, but it seems an impossible task for now.


While the world has been crashing down around a lot of people, not much has changed for me. I have been chronically ill for 12 years, 8 of which I have been house bound most of the time. I have been and continue to study online, which has been taking up all my spare time, in some ways I wish I had all this free time that a lot of people are having. While other peoples lives have been changing drastically, I say welcome to mine!
I have missed my weekly shopping trips and occasional cinema visits though, and I do worry for my mum who is a doctor at the forefront of this all. She’s my rock and the strongest person I know <3


Keep stories coming. :)