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List of Ambassadors (locked)

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I keep seeing members, old and new, asking for usernames to Ambassadors because they can’t find a clear list of them. I figured that this can help people find Ambassadors quicker, without having to make a whole thread asking. I hope this is allowed, sorry if it isn’t.


An Administrator is a person n FooPets with a capital ‘A’ instead of a star. They actually work in an office in California.

DrRon (the founder of FooPets)



An Ambassador/Fa is a FooPets member that volunteers to help other members on FooPets, and help communicate site issues to the Admin. They help both on the forums and support. They have a little “a” next to their screen names around the site.




If you have serious issue that should be kept private [having issues with billing information, somebody is harassing you, ect], you should file a report in Support You should take screen shots for proof of whatever the issue, and make sure your report is understandable. Remember that real people are answering the problems on this, you might not get an answer automatically.

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This is great Musu! I think MissX was going to do this but either got busy with the holidays or forgot. (claps) Very nicely done!

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Thanks. Since I also see a lot of people asking how to become an Admin/Fa I’m going to add that, but do you think I should add anything else on this?




Thank you!!!


Sorry if this post is considered a bump, I won’t do it again. ^ _ ^


It is considered as a bump
and you’re very welcome


Congrats on the sticky Musu!!


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this will be usefull!


you think I should _ anything

Uhm… Musu…Please change that

Anyways, this is very useful!


Nice post. Now if I can’t find my little MissX, I can always come here.

Very useful though!

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Dr Jane is also an admin


Very useful! :)

Dr Jane is also an admin

Yes, but like Musu said, she only posted “snacksthecat” because he seems to give the quickest responses.

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I would also like to add that most Ambassadors can be contacted privately through email. If there is something sensitive having to do with harassment from another member, problems with your account, ETC. it may be quicker to report to an Ambassador to see if we may be able to resolve the issue first. If not, we will direct you to support.
Please make sure you send all detailed information, including screen shots, to the Ambassadors email address you are reporting to. This gives us a better understanding of what the over all problem is to be able to take appropriate action. Some Ambassadors have their email address on their profile page. If not, you can always send a message on our wall and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Please feel free to reach out to any of us at anytime. We want all the members to have tons of fun here. We want members to feel free to ask questions and come to us with any and all concerns.
My email is